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Harvest Time

You reap what you sow—it doesn’t always work that way.

The Golden Rule gets bent around those who have the gold and want to make the rules.

Woman harvesting a garden of fall vegetables

You have a roof because you know it’s going to rain. You have walls to keep out the cold. You have electricity or gas to cook your meals. You have plumbing to hose down your kids. These are essentials for everyday life.

Title claims don’t happen every day, and you can’t see them coming. Title searches and surveys reveal blatant problems in property ownership before you buy, but they can’t show what is hiding fallow. Not everything makes it into public records, and sometimes public records are incorrect or misfiled. What then?

No one expects a title claim to crop up. (If you did, you’d deal with it before you bought the property.) Title insurance lays down a “claimicide” to defend the homeowner’s rights against a challenge patch in a court of law, and should that effort fail, the title insurance policy pays the amount insured.

Title searches and surveys only take you so far in your responsibility to defend your land ownership rights, and title insurance pays the acre of legal expense to defend your plot. Don’t lose your good harvest over a few bad apples.

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