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Just because you can get a County Permit to change your property in St. Augustine South does not mean those changes are condoned on the Plat Map. Don’t compromise the resale of your land by violating Plat Map requirements.

St. Augustine South is a unique neighborhood. Each homesite has to be set on at least two lots. Not one and point nine-nine-nine lots, but two lots. Fine. That gives residents elbow room with their neighbors; however, this two-lot rule has to be maintained for insurable resale no matter how many square feet the two lots equal.

If you live in the South, don’t trip over your own square feet. The County may give you a building permit that crowds the rule, but then your homesite will be ineligible for title insurance when you go to sell it. Furthermore, this St. Augustine South two-lot requirement is filed on the Plat Map, and is not a restriction that has to be renewed every 30 years per the Marketable Record Title Act.

Always check the Covenants and Restrictions and the Recorded Plat Map before making changes to your St. Augustine South property. We have the Covenant and Restrictions available for you on our website at

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