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Trisa Skoglund


A third generation Realtor, Trisa Skoglund has worked in real estate most of her life, and still assists her husband in property sales.  Originally from Minnesota, she helped her family in real estate, then started a career in the title industry in 1996. Trisa and her family moved to St. Augustine in 2005, and she continued her career with Land Title of America, Inc., where she expands a growing wealth of knowledge and love for the community.

Alter Ego

Trisa Skoglund and husband Travis are busy parents with daughter Hannah near graduation in the dental program, and son Samuel who likes drums, soccer, hunting and everything boy. 

For Trisa Skoglund, there’s a seamless transition of foundation, structure, and values based on a moral compass. She loves attending her Church at Eleven22 with her family. When time allows off her busy work schedule, Trisa enjoys traveling with her husband and her kids, whether it’s Florida sightseeing or occasional visits to family in Minnesota. God first, family, then work, and we can’t forget about the kitty cat, is what matters most for Trisa.


Trisa Skoglund
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