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Pam Masters

Administrative Assistant

Pam Masters is Stephen Collins’ assistant, coordinator, cheerleader, promoter, protector…and she’s his sister.  Driven by a labor of love, her position at Land Title is an extension of her passion for family.  She knows that customer success means company success.  What’s good for the customer is good for the business is good for the family, and she’s vested in positive outcomes for all.

Alter Ego

For Pam Masters, the joy of life is the best of both worlds: work and dance. She has been General Manager for the Jacksonville Giants since 2010, and with Showtime USA since 1985, so choreography, music, and management are part of the hardworking fun at her foundation. And then there’s playing with the grandbabies—that’s a whole new level of bliss.

Pam Masters
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