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Lynette Snell

Closing Assistant

Real estate transactions involve a lot of details, and Lynette Snell thrives in the midst of them, communicating with buyers, sellers, Realtors, and lenders as she assists in processing and closing.  Her real estate background and family roots in St. Augustine enrich her enthusiasm.  She is comfortable in the fast-paced Land Title atmosphere, where she works hard to make sure deals get done

Alter Ego

Lynette loves to travel and if money were no object, she’d make a career out of it!  Here she is in the Netherlands. 

Lynette Snell is a people person, whether she’s at the office or relaxing with friends at a waterfront restaurant, or hanging out with her two granddaughters.  Downtime is serious business, and she fills it creatively with writing, crafts, and quilting.  She likes to complete a project, but she likes it even better when she can give away her handiwork as a gift to someone special. 

Lynette Snell
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